Is your website doing its job?
Is it making money or wasting your time?
Do you need a computer science degree to use it?

Bad business websites are the worst.

At first, it confuses you. You did everything right. But you’re not getting the results you expected.

Then you bounce from worry to anger. Did I screw up? Was I taken advantage of? Did I follow bad advice? Was my investment just money (or time) flushed down the toilet?

On top of that, using your website is aggravating. It’s so hard to use!

On top of that, there’s guilt from all the “shoulds”. I should be doing this or that on your site. Customers should have a better website experience. The site should be faster or should be easier to use. I should be able to make changes to the site.

Are you asking too much? Are you expecting too much?

No, you’re not. You might be off to a bad start. But it doesn’t have to be where you end.

Hi, I'm Josh. And I believe that every organization should have an effective website which they operate themselves.

You’re probably thinking “What does that even mean?

It means that I have different goals than other website designers and developers. 

I love great looking websites. I love slick effects. I’m a complete sucker for cool fonts. But those things don’t pay the bills – yours or mine.

What pays the bills? Websites that solve business problems.

Unlike your typical designer or developer, I know that the best web projects start with strategic planning and end with technical training so you can plug the holes in the original plan. Creating the website is just 1 step along the way.

Plug the holes!? Josh! Are you admitted that your plans don’t work?

No plan on paper is the perfect plan in execution. Every plan should include ways to adjust and evolve as you test the plan and learn from the results. And you shouldn’t have to hire a coder every time you want to test something on your website.