Bad websites are thieves

Bad websites steal your money – driving away potential clients & customers.

Bad websites steal your time – wasting hours of your time on simple updates.

Bad websites steal your soul – let’s just say that more stress isn’t going to turn you into Super Boss, the Parent of the Year, or Cassanova.

It doesn’t have to be like that. This isn’t your brother-in-law’s lazy nephew (who you hired against your better judgment).

Fire your lazy, thieving, soul-sucking website.

Why are there so many bad websites?

1. There's a world of difference between simple and instant.

Great websites are simple. And they don’t require a degree in computer science to build or operate. But they do require more than of few hours of amateur effort.

It’s possible to create a good or even great website all by yourself. But you won’t. You’re certainly intelligent enough. Unfortunately, this isn’t a matter of smarts.

Odds are you won’t invest the required time because you already have too much to do. There’s always going to be something more pressing, more urgent, more in-your-face-right-now-screaming-take-care-of-me-now-now-now that grabs your time.

In the end, a partial investment returns fractional results.

2. Most bad websites focus on the wrong things.

They focus on the wrong things because the process didn’t start with a plan. And, in lieu of a plan, the builders went off what they see on other websites.

They miss key information. They can’t see the goals. They can’t see the entire marketing plan. They can’t see if the page is creating the results that the owner is after.

They can see what it looks like. They can see different aesthetic features.

So form trumps function, parallax scrolling becomes more important than problem-solving, and Make it look like Apple becomes the battle cry!

Their plan won’t solve your problems or help your customers & clients.

Josh Robbs

Website Consultant

20+ Years Web Design
10+ Years WordPress
SEMRush Certified:

  • SEO Fundamentals
  • Technical SEO

Trained Facilitator

The Process



Good marketing connects you (plus your brand, business, & goals) with your customers (plus their wants, needs, & expectations).

We can't expect to be successful unless we understand what needs to be done.



The 2nd step is developing multiple courses of action and ranking them based on predicted effectiveness and desire.

With a list of must-do and want-to-do elements, a final plan is developed. 

You can take this plan to another consultant. Or we can continue working together.



This is pretty clear. It's time to build your website. But it isn't enough to just build a website - no matter how effective it is.  

I build websites that so easy to use that grandmothers on AOL can operate them. (True story!)


Train & Maintain

I want you to use the hell out of your website. I want you to take advantage of every bell & whistle I've provided you.

And I want you to focus on running the website as a business tool - not become a webmaster. I offer maintenance contracts to help prevent that.



How to market efficiently

“How do I market more efficiently?” is a common question. You’ve probably asked yourself that very question. No one wants to waste time, money, or effort. And nonprofits and small businesses have little to waste.

Before I dive into the “how”, let’s discuss what efficiency is and is not.

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