I hate writing About pages. I think it’s my Midwestern upbringing. Plus, the “right” way to write these feels a bit… let’s call it disingenuous. I’m supposed to act like I’m writing about me, but really write about you. Like I said, disingenuous.

How about a compromise? How about I write about where your world and my world intersect? And that intersection is your website and how you’re using it.

I’ve been building websites since 1997. The #1 website I’ve found isn’t technical or tactical or even strategic. It’s about mindset.

Too many people think that they can build a website and forget about it. They leave it untouched for years collecting digital dust.

The best websites aren’t always the best looking. They don’t necessarily use the best technology. The best websites are active and lived in. Yes, that means that they’re often a little messy. They might lack a little of the zing or pizzazz you see on fancy websites. But they’re active. They’re vibrant with life, not gimmicks.

Here’s some truth that you won’t hear from many designers:

Fancy doesn’t equal sales.
Pizzazz doesn’t equal sales.
Animation doesn’t equal sales.
Parallax doesn’t equal sales.

Those things are nice. I ooh and aah over pretty websites. But you’re not here to commission a work of art. You’re here to solve a problem. More problems are solved with hammers than with the Mona Lisa.

Oops, got up on my soapbox. 

So that’s the problem I aim to fix: stagnant websites focused on all the wrong things.

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