The Divi Builder module you’ll use the most is the text module. Yes, the web has gone all multimedia. But, for the most part, the world wide web is still text based.

So I’ll start there.

The test

The test is straight-forward (and super boring).

  1. Create blog post on demo site
  2. Turn on Divi Builder and add a text module
  3. Add some text and an image
  4. Create a WAVE report
  5. Dig through the flags

I know that Divi has some accessibility issues. That’s what prompted this series. But I will be shocked if anything comes up for this module.

The Results

No errors. No surprises.

See for yourself.

There is a warning about duplicate alt text. That’s because I wrote what the alt text should be right next to the image. It triggers a duplicate warning because my text and the image’s alt text would be an annoying repeat on a screen reader.

Alt text is “a textual alternative to non-text content in web pages.” (WebAIM)


Divi Builder’s text module works as it should. It is as accessible as anything created in the typical WordPress editor.