I dream of a world where small business websites don’t suck.

But then I wake up. 

I’m Josh Robbs, a website consultant on a mission to rid the world of crappy websites. I’m starting with small business websites (for-profit and not-for-profit).

It’s like everyone has forgotten that the DIGITAL EXPERIENCE is a HUMAN EXPERIENCE.

I’m not some “everyone should love everyone” hippie. I’m a Midwestern boy pissed off that so many websites fail to provide even an ounce of common courtesy.

Instead, websites abuse their visitors. If we’re going to call them visitors, we should treat them like visitors and by that, I mean that we should treat them like guests.

If you had a visitor at your physical location, would you interrupt them over and over to ask them if they’d like you to send them a newsletter? Of course not! That’s not how you treat a guest.

If they had a question, would you make them wait because your desk was a millimeter off or would you answer their damn question? That’s as dumb as a “pixel-perfect” website with garbage content. It’s far from perfect.

And if you answered them, would you do it in an accent? No, that’s ridiculous. You’d answer them clearly so they would understand. Using an accent just to be fancy is no different than text that’s hard-to-read because you want fancy colors.