Brand & Strategy

Having a website isn't as powerful as having the right website that talks to the right people.

Design & development

Designing & building easy-to-use WordPress websites for NPOs and small businesses

Training & Coaching

Group and 1-on-1 WordPress training as well as marketing and planning workshops

Brand & strategy

Brand and strategy cover 3 key areas:

  • Identity
    • Who you (or your company) are
    • Who you want to be
    • How you want to be seen
  • Audience
    • Who they are
    • What they need
    • What they really need 
  • Market fit
    • Defining your top-level business goals
    • Aligning your marketing to your audience
    • Identifying and prioritizing critical projects 

I can help you with this via traditional consulting, but I have an amazing workshop focused on addressing these 9 issues.

The Brand Foundations Workshop is live, facilitator-led workshop consists of 3 exercises: the Brand Attributes exercise, the Customer Avatar exercise, and (because all of this is pointless if you don’t take action) the Marketing Jumpstart Plan exercise. 

You’re the right fit for this service if

  • You have a new project or an old project that needs a new direction.
  • You don’t feel like your brand is resonating with your target audience.
  • Your marketing is inconsistent, ineffective, or inadequate.

If that sounds like your situation, schedule a free call and we’ll see if a Brand Foundations Workshop will help you.

The workshop is a mammoth load of value. Josh helped me find customer qualifiers and points of differentiation that I've never considered. And the prioritized goals are such a huge and valuable takeaway.

We took the muddled mixture that was in my head and turned it into order.

WEbsite design & development

I’m probably not what you think I am.

Are you a designer?
Technically, you’re not wrong. But I don’t make graphics or images. I don’t think I’ve ever used Photoshop. 

Are you a coder?
I do some coding. But I avoid it for the most part. 

Are you a full-stack web developer?
I do meet the 3 criteria even if only barely. But you’d be insulting a lot of full-stack professionals if you gave me that title.

Quit clowning, Josh! What are you?
I’m a marketer. Websites are my chosen channel and WordPress is my weapon of choice.

You build websites with WordPress. What’s the difference?
The difference is huge. Hire a designer and they’ll make you something pretty with parallax! and animation! and buzzword! Hire a coder and you’ll get clean code. 

But if you hire a marketer who builds websites (and has a blue-collar, Midwestern background), you get something very special. 

You’ll get a tool designed for you and your business. Your website will be focused on helping you meet your marketing (and other business) goals. It will be so easy to use that you’ll be able to make changes yourself (even if you’re a grandmother on AOL). 

Take control of your website. Take control of your online presence. Click that big red button (any of them – they’re all the same) and let’s talk.

I have worked with Josh on several web rebuilds over the past two years. His knowledge of WordPress is excellent. He is quick to share his knowledge and make suggestions to improve UX and site performance. I have learned a lot from Josh and I am very thankful that we connected.
Tony Leto
Social Media and Digital Maven

Training & coaching

When I ask website owners why they let their website get stagnant, I get 4 answers:

  1. I don’t know how to update it.
  2. I don’t know what to do on the site.
  3. I don’t have time.
  4. I don’t care.

I can’t help you if you don’t care, but I can help with the rest.

I offer 1-on-1 WordPress training ranging from basic usage to operations to advanced design. I don’t want you to have a website you can’t use. I also help my students develop checklists and systems to ensure that recurrent tasks are done quickly and accurately.

All of my 1-on-1 training is custom-tailored to the needs and skill level of the student.

Not sure what you should do with your website? Sometimes that’s due to not having a strategic plan. Other times, it’s because translating the strategic plan into daily or weekly tasks isn’t always easy. Either way, I can help. We can hold a strategy workshop or I can coach you through the process of developing and executing a task list that supports your strategy.

All meetings are done virtually and recorded so you can refer to them as needed.

You can sign up for training. If you have questions, click the big red button.

Josh is super patient and put everything in terms I already knew.

He adjusts the training level on the fly. He pushed me hard but would slow down or back up if I started getting lost. He never made me feel uncomfortable for asking questions - no matter how many I asked.
Pat Buzzard
Podcast host

Frequently asked questions

Does everything start with the Discovery Call?

Yes, for everything except for training. If you need training, we can discuss everything via email. Otherwise, I want to be sure that we're a good fit for each other and that I can help you with your situation.

What happens during a Discovery Call?

We’ll talk. We'll both ask lots of questions.

I will work on developing an understanding of your situation and identify what your/our next steps should be.

The calls are scheduled in 25-minute blocks.

Is a Discovery Call the same as a discovery session?

No, a discovery session is a longer, more in-depth meeting.

Where the Discovery Call is scheduled for 25 minutes, a discovery session can be an hour long or even longer. You can think of the Discovery Call as a discovery session for the discovery session. 

Is all of the training conducted live?

Yes, all workshops, training sessions, and coaching sessions are conducted live. (Courses with pre-recorded material will be available soon. They will be clearly marked.) 

No, training is not done in person. I'm rewriting this during the COVID19 crisis. Right now, I will not do any in-person training. Once the crisis is over, I will be available for in-person training at an additional cost.


"Facilitator-led" - what's that?

It doesn't take any special skill to hold a meeting. But there's an art to leading a discussion. Facilitators are trained in that art. A facilitator is responsible for:

  • Leading the conversation without influencing it with their opinion*
  • Ensuring all voices are heard (everyone is given a real opportunity to speak and preventing louder voices from burying them)
  • Balancing the need for thoroughness with the need to follow the schedule
  • Keeping everyone on topic
  • Recording the discussion

Of everything I learned in the military, this is the skill I value the most.

* In workshop scenarios, I both impartially extract ideas and provide feedback. I must be cautious. I need to hear your truth. I need your thoughts. The workshop suffers if I contaminate your ideas with mine too soon. Luckily, that rule goes out the window as soon as it's time for collaboration.

Are you available for small group training, workshops, or speaking engagements?

Am I available for speaking? Yeah, I'm lying. That's not frequently asked.

But the answer is yes. I am available for all of those. Simply send me a message via the contact page or schedule a call. You should do the same if you're interested in making a bulk purchase of 1-on-1 training slots. 

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