What is a website consultant?

At a quick glance, a website consultant might seem like a web designer or developer. Their deliverables are certainly similar.

At the end of the project, you’re going to have a new website.

But not all websites are created equal.

Different goals

Website consultants have a different approach.

Suppose you hired a web designer/developer to build a website for your business. They’re hired guns. They’ll do whatever you tell them as long as you keep paying them. In the end, you’ll get exactly what you ask for.

Dramatic color palette? Yes.
Parallax? Check.
Animated buttons? Hell yeah.
Chatbot? Of course.
“White space like Apple’s site”? Yep.

Congratulations! You got exactly what you asked for. But is it any good? Will it convert? Will it spread your message?

Will you get a return on your investment?

You might, but you’d have to be lucky and it would be an accident. You’re lucky to get any success because success wasn’t your goal.

Projects with designers and developers start with what you want them to do. Website consultants start with what you want to achieve.

Different skills

Web designers focus on visual design. Web developers focus on computer languages.

Website consultants connect the dots – and there are a lot of dots to connect:

  • Your business goals
  • Your brand
  • Your brand voice
  • Your marketing plan
  • Your digital marketing plan
  • Customer avatar development
  • Digital marketing trends and best practices
  • Online sales and conversion
  • Customer needs and experience (CX/UX)
  • Website design and UI
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website development
  • Owned media

And their skills go beyond marketing & websites. Strong website consultants are talented project managers and meeting/workshop facilitators. They’re effective investigators who can uncover the real sources of problems.

The right person for the right job

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. If you just need a developer, then just hire a developer. If you just need a designer, just hire a designer.

But let’s put all the cards on the table.

You’re great. You’re amazing. I’m honored that you’re reading my article.

But what do you know about digital marketing?

That’s not an insult. You’re not a digital marketer. It isn’t your job. You already wear enough hats.

If you’re ready to have an expert take this headache off your plate, let’s talk. Schedule your free 20-minute consultation.