Why smart people build crappy websites

You’re smart. You’re an expert in your field. You’re above average in several related fields. But your website just isn’t getting it done.

Why do otherwise smart people build websites that don’t work?

I wrote “don’t work” deliberately. I didn’t write “why do smart people make ugly websites?” A lot of the websites I’m talking about aren’t ugly. Some are gorgeous.

But they don’t work.

Is your website meeting your business goals? Do you mutter profanity under your breath every time you use the site? Then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Websites are “crappy” because they have the wrong focus

They’re based on old strategies

The internet has been on overdrive for nearly 20 years. If you search for a topic that’s been around that long, you will be buried in options. It’s hard to tell what information is outdated.

The info sounds good. It matches what you’ve seen others do.

That doesn’t mean it will work for you. It doesn’t even mean it’s working for the sites that are using it.

Outdated strategies are incredibly dangerous because they’re not bad. They’re bad for now.

They’re copies of someone else’s plan

You, the expert in your field, aren’t an expert in online marketing, website design, or website marketing. You go looking for someone doing it right. You can do what they’re doing.

That’s the easiest way to learn anything! You can all kinds of things that way. YouTube taught me how to give layered haircuts during the quarantine. No joke.

But these kinds of plans and strategies require a ton of context. They must be applied to your situation.

Unless you have the same starting point, the same goals, and the same resources, copying someone else’s website/plan is not going to lead to positive results.

They’re designed by people with the wrong focus

It’s no secret. I blame most failed websites on prioritizing appearance over effectiveness.

That can come from the previous issue: copying someone else’s plan. But it also comes from having the planning done by someone trained to focus on appearance.

Picture this. You own a business. You decide that you need a website and that you need help with it. Who do you hire?

You need a website designed so you hire a website designer. That makes sense.

There’s a problem.

A typical website designer doesn’t study marketing. They’re trained in the visual arts. In training, their projects are never measured by how well it converts. “Does it sell?” doesn’t come up. (This is changing, but it’s far from fixed.)

If you want business results, get help from people focused on getting business results.

Pride is a son of a bitch

Most people would rather drive a Porche than a Peterbilt. Porches are sportscars. Even if that brand isn’t your style, you still think it’s better looking than an 18-wheeler.

But those trucks make money – loads of money (truckloads of money?). Sportscars are expressions of wealth – not tools to create it.

It’s natural to want your website to be a sportscar. But if you need it to be a semi, then you need a semi.

Save the sexy for your Tinder profile. 😉

The point

Great websites start with goals and realistic plans.

If you’re ready to create your new website or revamp your existing site, let’s talk. Schedule a free, 20-minute call.

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