You don’t need a website

You don't need a website. You need:
  • attention
  • to build interest in your products/services
  • to look like a real business
  • to build trust with your audience
  • to attract an audience
  • a way to communicate with your audience
  • a way to sell at a distance
  • to share (and control) your message
  • to improve your reputation
  • to educate customers
  • to be credible
  • to inform customers
  • to demonstrate authority
  • to draw customers away from the competition
  • to build rapport with your customers
  • to provide awesome customer service 24 hours/day
  • to reach prospects you can’t through other mediums
  • to show social proof
  • to support your customers
  • someone who works 24 hours a day handling queries and answering questions

You don’t get any points for “having a website”.

But since we’re talking about websites, they are a great way to do those all things if you have the right website.

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